Melissa Bowler

Professional Development Comedian




Melissa gives you the tools to build stronger teams  

“I absolutely loved the training, how you facilitated in a way where we just felt it and we got it”  

Cherish C, Social Worker, Family Engagement Coordinator

People perform better when confident in themselves and connected to others

“It was a pleasure being a part of the session... I learned a lot and it made a wonderful impact on our team.” 

Lorraine, HR Leader

“Melissa Bowler brings an energy and passion to the workshops that she presents. And that energy and passion is infectious.” 

Andrea, Executive Director

Melissa uses elements of standup, improv comedy, and psychology to reinvigorate your team and ignite their productivity.

“Fun and play are so crucial for engagement, Melissa exemplifies it perfectly.”

Joe, Lead Training Coordinator

Powerful & Playful

“I was rolling laughing as Melissa delivered one truth after another, making us think and see ourselves and others in new ways! 

A truly hilarious experience with many new insights.”

Jill, Business Development Specialist

Proven Results

Melissa’s work has  been demonstrated effective in multiple rigorous academic studies. 

 Her workshops:

Increase women’s confidence and men’s empathy

“Utilizing Improvisation Training to Explore the Gender Gap in B2B Sales” Northern Illinois University Journal of Selling

Improve patient outcomes

“Medical Improv as a Tool for Empathy Training” 

Journal of Graduate Medical Education

 ✴︎ Reinvigorate ✴︎ Innovate ✴︎ Collaborate ✴︎

Conflict Resolution

Has there been a recent conflict in your workplace?

Melissa’s fun and engaging curriculum will help build new ways for teammates to overcome disagreements